जयपुर: एक परिचित शहर

जब कभी आप एक नई जगह जाते हैं तो दिमाग में कई सोच आती हैं। एक सोच यह है कि इस जगह में घर की तुलना में सब अलग लगता है। मिसाल के… Continue reading

Part III Learning Hindi in India: Frontier Futures

“But what do you plan to do with your Hindi?” Middle-aged Indians press. Indian parents often urge their children to become doctors and engineers. And when you speak Hindi, they are quick to… Continue reading

Part II Learning Hindi in India: The Land of Oz

The day before I asked my classmates why they had come to Jaipur to learn Hindi I was fielded a similar question by three Indian boys. Their motorcycles jerked to a halt beside… Continue reading

Part I Learning Hindi in India: The Face of a Global Village

There are eighteen students currently studying Hindi at the American Institute of Indian Studies in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We come from all over the world. A majority of us are American, while the remaining… Continue reading

Part III: Could I Live in India? The Permanent Tourist

“You know its racism because sometimes I think the Indians are staring at me even when they’re not,” I said to my flat mate, glancing up from my hand, and once again resting… Continue reading

Part II: Could I Live in India? A Story of Unbuilding

“When I come to India it’s always during moments of transition,” my flat mate had said. That night, sitting on the roof, with the iron-skeleton of an unfinished building rising beside the saffron,… Continue reading

Part I: Could I Live in India? The Rooftop Palace

Nearly two months have passed since settling here in India. After spending so much time immersing myself in a foreign culture, the question often arises in my mind: is India a place where… Continue reading

IV. Janmasthami: The Metabolism of a Woman

During the interval between my recruitment for the health test and removing my shoes and socks for the outer-space-metabolism-machine, I spoke with the girl in Hindi. “You speak Hindi!” she exclaimed. (A cultural… Continue reading

III. Misunderstanding?

I was late! What would Dasrath think? Had he and his family already left for the festival without me? My chores that evening in Hazrat Ganj took longer than expected. To ensure the… Continue reading