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I encourage everyone to travel to India. But the first lesson any would-be Indian yatri (traveler) should learn is that the application for an Indian VISA requires a sacrifice.

“Just a small service charge, madam,” an Indian travel agent might reassure you.

The service charge isn’t monetary, necessarily (though the price might very well add up). It’s just your happiness for two weeks.

Indian bureaucracy is one of the country’s biggest humbugs. My blog post today, “enter India,” is ironical, in the sense that while I have dedicated a considerable amount of time to building up the suspense surrounding my trip to the East, I’m still waiting to fly there. Because of problems with my research VISA, I am not allowed to fly out until bureaucracy lifts its benevolent hand. In the meantime, I’ve decided to not let this bother me; if I can’t make it to New Delhi for my Fulbright orientation, then the least I can do is orient my audience to India.

The pace of my life will pick up considerably after arriving in India, so it will be helpful to establish some groundwork now. I will be debriefed on my duties in the capital city, fly over to Lucknow in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh to register with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office, and once again jump on a plane to Jaipur for my Hindi language training in Rajasthan. In the rush, there’s a chance I will not be able to update my blog. And I don’t want to abandon my readers after only just introducing myself! As my flight to India pends, I will publish several short essays of travel writing I composed during my first trip to India; letters from Lucknow during my Urdu Critical Language summer program last summer; and an article I published in a UVA newspaper on a Sufi shrine.

Continue on to the articles, if you so please. I eagerly await new chances to write about my experiences in India. In the meantime, All Iz Well.

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