The Iraqi Christ Review

The Iraqi Christ is both an appropriate and inappropriate name for Hassan Blasim’s collection of short stories on the Iraq War. The title is a clever strategy to engage readers: the juxtaposition of… Continue reading

The Search for Global Consciousness in Contemporary Migrant Literature: Introduction Part I

Media have changed how individuals and communities relate to ‘time’ and ‘space’ in different periods of history. In pre-literate societies, communication was predominantly oral. Pre-literate societies understood the world through the stories, myths,… Continue reading

Hindi Mahotsav: Hum Log: The Creative World of Manohar Shyam Joshi

Tripurari Sharan, Prabhat Ranjan, Mridula Garg, and Mrs. Bhagvati Joshi met to honor the memory of one of the century’s most iconic journalists, novelists, and serial/film writers at Hindi publisher Vani Prakashan’s event, “We… Continue reading

Hindi Mahotsav: Hindi Criticism: A New Reading

On February 21st cultural and literary critics Ashok Vajpayee and Manager Pandey contributed to the democracy of ideas at the Delhi World Book Fair when they attended Vani Prakashan’s event, “Hindi Criticism: A… Continue reading

Hindi Mahotsav: Hindi and Modernity: A Re-Examination

On Wednesday February 19th Manish Pandey greeted the book shoppers who had gathered in Hall Number 18 of the Delhi World Book Fair to the release of Peter D’souza’s book, “Hindi and Modernity: A… Continue reading

Delhi World Book Fair: Hindi Mahotsav

I had to choose between two countries: Russia and India. In high school Russian culture ignited what were already hot, burning adolescent questions about the nature of religion, morality, and the universe. I… Continue reading

Global Literature or International Readers? The Hindi Dream at the Jaipur Literature Festival

The past two months have witnessed a long wave of book fairs and festivals across India. Stories and ideas are being celebrated across the country: in Bengal, which recently inaugurated the 38th International Kolkata… Continue reading

Part II The Magic Mountain: Train Flight

I found Cressida standing at the end of the train compartment by an open door. “What are you doing?” The rush of wind and the steady, urgent clug clug clug of the wheels… Continue reading

Part I The Magic Mountain: The Mehra Reunion

The party had reached Kathgodam. It seemed nothing less than a miracle when Priya’s father ambled toward us with his large mustached face bent toward the ground, hands jutted into his jean pockets,… Continue reading